woensdag 23 maart 2011

Application Express OGH Day

APEX OGH Day at Tuesday the 22th of March
It was an exciting day with 250 attendees.
It is very clear that Application Express is very popular in the Netherlands.

The day started with three plenary sessions.
The first presentation was hosted by Tony Andrews and Nigel Blair.
1500 forms applications were migrated to Oracle Application Express.
A big project but the result is there!
So it is possible!

Hilary Farrell member from the application express development team presented about the new features in application express 4.1.
The most important new features are listed in the statement of direction.

Dimitri Gielis and John Scott gave a helicopter overview "How to deal with big application express projects". This proofs that application express can be used in big projects as well!

After the lunch break there were three parallel sessions available.
A lot of good presentations were available, so it was hard to make a good choice.
My own presentation was dealing about the awareness of security.
You need to think about security from the beginning of a project. Every line of code has consequences for the security. Security is your own responsibility and not from Oracle! Application express is secure, but developers make it insecure.

After my own session, I decided to follow the presentation from John Scott about 'How to build a application express plug-in' A lot of times, I can find a lot of information how to import a plug-in in application express, and rarely the information about the way How to build a plug-in. I am 100% sure that this was useful for everybody in the audience.

The last session of the day I attended was the presentation from Dimitri Gielis about APEX and Locator/Spatial. I can only say, I was impressed and could not believe my eyes and ears about the possibilities available.

It was a very busy day with very good presentations and content.

After the show was closed, I had a very nice dinner with
Alex Nuijten, Learco Brizzi, Christian Rokkita, Peter Raganitsch, Roel Hartman and Jan Leendert.

Thanks all for the nice evening!